Sunday, February 19, 2006

Deadline: No Pun Intended

It's an extremely common word in the English language. We use it when we are stressing over mid-term projects, when we have a big presentation due at our workplace, but we never really stop to think of why it even originated. The word is: deadline. An awful-sounding word, indeed! American journalist Jill Carroll is currently close to her deadline. Really. It is February 26, 2006. Today, in case you forgot, is the 19th.

We HAVE to help save her. How? E-mail the government. Petition your heart out. Get the message across. Do WHATEVER you have to do to make the government realize that the American people, in fact, ALL people, are behind her. The Iraqi terrorists who are holding her hostage are asking the United States to liberate the remaining 4 of 9 Iraqi women who are in U.S. custody. They've already freed half of them; why are they holding back?

Jill doesn't deserve to be kept waiting. She went courageously to Iraq to report on a war that has torn two countries apart, and now she needs our help. Now it is time to give back. Now is the time to SAVE HER LIFE.

God Bless,



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